Started by Felipe Martinez in 1956

At Onyx We Understand Relationships


All things quality start with Danae. As our lab manager she sample roasts, teaches our Guatemalan team and oversees the quality-control program.

Our logistic expert and the newest member of our team. Loyreth loves connecting with farmers and draws on her 20+ years experience to expedite your coffees.

Never to far from his laptop, Blake's role is operations for Onyx. He is passionate about connecting with both the producers and roasters.

He thoughtfully creates the best connections between Guatemalan Farmers and Roasters abroad. With Edwin, everything is intentional and has meaning.


A missionary before he "retired" now Edwin is continuing his work representing Onyx in the communities he has nurtured for over four decades.

social media, photography, videography, and other arts we do not understand. He's been in coffee forever.


He is our brew method expert, lab consultant, and tasting room manager. Kevin makes sure that your roasted coffees are carefully represented.

Based in Guatemala, Julio works with our origin trips, socioeconomic programs, and a ton of sample roasting (a ton, seriously).

don carlos

Our driver and accident-free his entire life! That is a major accomplishment in a country where driving is more like surviving. 


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